I don’t know about you, but for me cooking the perfect omelette is a mighty achievement. I am not kidding, that feeling is unrivaled.

I mean the omelette with the perfect golden brown shade on one side, and creamy part on the inside, with some melted cheese in between. Now such an omelette is a sight to behold, and an honor to eat it.

For those people who don’t take their omelette for granted knows that to get it right, the most vital aspect is having the right omelette pan.

When a pan gets old and frail it will ruin the omelet, so not only you need a new pan, but also it needs to be made up of ideal material.

This is precisely why there are uniquely designed pans for making omelettes.

I am sure you are looking for an ideal omelette pan for your kitchen as well. If that’s the case then stay tuned, in this article we will talk about 7 best omelette pan, which deserves a spot in your kitchen.

Reliable design for everyday use, Calphalon classic is one of the best pans for omelette making purposes.

This classic and best ceramic pan for omelette includes a dual non-sticky layer, thus making it easier to release the omelette upon cooking, also making it less tedious while washing.

To make cooking more efficient, these pans are made from long-lasting solid anodized aluminum, which decreases the heating time and spreads the heat evenly across the pan.

One more aspect of this best omelette pan is its handle, which stays cool during cooking so that you can hold it comfortably.

This pan also comes with a lid which includes tempered glass, this helps retain the moisture while cooking.

12 inches is considered as the best omelette pan sizeas it gives you plenty of room to cook multiple servings of eggs. If this is your requirement then Calphalon is the one to go for.


  • Coating. It has a dual-layered nonstick coating, making it easy to wash the inner surface.
  • Structural integrity. Hard anodized aluminum makes the pan resistant against corrosion and scratches.
  • Ergonomic design. The transparent glass lid makes it easy to keep an eye on the food without even opening the lid.
  • Even heat distribution.
  • Transparent glass lid.
  • High quality dual nonstick coating.
  • Works better only on low and medium heat.

Cooks standard is well known for making the best omelette panand this nonstick omelette pan is no different.

The surface of the pan is anodized, which is hard and highly durable. Courtesy of heavy gauge aluminum core, you wouldn’t get any hotspots, rather the heat gets distributed evenly along the surface.

Easily one of the best pan for the omelette, it has the nonstick coating which never fails to impress with its cooking performance and the easy cleaning aspect.

Moreover, this best nonstick omelette pan offers a slick surface and it is completely devoid of PFOA, Lead and Cadmium.

The handle is long and made up of stainless steel, which makes the handling quite comfortable. While the rivets increase the strength of the handle.

The flat and wide bottom increases the cooking surface making it one of the best pan to make omelettes as the tapered tip makes it easy to pour and remove the egg.

This is indeed one of the best 8-inch omelette pans in the category, so if having a compact design is your requirement then this is worth a shot.


  • Compatibility. The versatile aspect of this pan makes it possible for it to use on gas, glass, electric and ceramic stovetops. It can go up to 450F but don't exceed the limit.
  • Structure. Anodized surface, which is much more durable and harder than stainless steel is used, whereas aluminum as the core for even distribution of heat. 
  • DesignApart from the flat and wide bottom it has sloped sides which makes it easy to toss and hold more food.
  • Nonstick. Speaking of tossing and holding, the crucial aspect which makes that easy is the nonstick nature of these pans.

Note:  Not compatible with Induction.

  • Low-priced.
  • PFOA, lead and Cadmium free.
  • Robust body.
  • Doesn’t work on Induction.

Moving on in the list of best omelette pan is the famed TeChef Tamagoyaki Japanese omelette pan.

TeChef is one of the best Tamagoyaki pan available, known for its new and exclusive scratch-resistant technology.

The world’s finest and best omelette pan is coated with Teflon (DuPont) select, this nonstick is the latest PFOA safe, and regulatory agencies from across the planet have affirmed that this coating is completely safe for cooking.

Similarly, neither lead nor cadmium has been used either.

Aluminum is used as the core, while stainless steel covers the bottom to distribute the heat evenly.

The uniquely crafted tilted shape makes it easy to flip omelets, pancakes or sandwiches.

Another aspect that’s worth noting is that TeChef is one of the best omelette pans for induction as well, courtesy of its heavy base.


  • Color selection with Dupont TeflonTo make cooking even more fun, TeChef offers you a variety of colors in its nonstick coating system.
  • No PFOA, Cadmium or Lead. The nonstick coating on TeChef products has been approved by the FDA (US, Food and Drug Administration). Similarly, EPA (US Environment Protection Agency), European Food Safety Authority and ANSES (French Food Safety Agency) have greenlit it as well, thus making this pan a reliable product on a global level.
  • Design. The tilted shaped pan allows you to flip your food quite easily, whether you are making omelettes or pancakes or sandwiches.
  • Easy to flip.
  • Reasonable prize.
  • Multiple size options.
  • It is quite lightweight.

Weighing at just around 1.6 pounds, TeChef frittata and omelette pan is considered as one of the best folding omelette pans.

But that isn’t the only reason why this pan is considered among the best omelette pan, this pan is also the best size pan for one egg omelette.

As it happens there are plenty of pans for larger servings and yet relatively few for a smaller serving of 1 or 2 omelets.

Since 1982, this Korean based manufacturer has been producing reliable and efficient pans for us to make some omelets.

As mentioned earlier, this pan has two compartments, which is quite helpful especially if you are a rookie cook who wants to make some frittata or omelet.

The high-quality aluminum body makes the pan long-lasting, and the Teflon coating allows you to slide the omelette from pan to plate with complete ease, this in turn also makes the pan easy to wash.

This pan also comes with a potholder, thus making this best omelette pan quite safe for your hands while cooking.


  • Ideal size. The compact design of this pan makes it an ideal choice for a small family.
  • Potholder. This allows you to use the pan without wearing any kitchen gloves.
  • Even heat distributionThe aluminum body of the pan does a great job of distributing the heat across the pan.

Note: The hinge present on the left side tends to get hot so it is advised to use oven gloves while handling it.

  • Purple colored coating is very unique.
  • Best suited for a casual cook.
  • Coated with Teflon Select.
  • Not suitable for complex cooking.

Another worthy addition in the list of best omelette pan, Calphalon contemporary hard anodized omelette pan has some of the best omelette pan reviews.

The exquisite and fashionable design of the frying pan makes it look quite beautiful in the kitchen.

This dishwasher friendly Calphalon contemporary nonstick 10” omelette pan includes a multi-layer of nonstick, which extends and enhances its durability.

The set includes two multipurpose pans which make it an indispensable item for every day cooking.

The heavy gauged Calphalon omelette pan is created with hard-anodized aluminum to ensure uniform heating of the pan.

The design includes flat bottom and slightly tilted slopes, which not only makes it easy to sauté vegetables and prepare eggs, but it also makes it easy to pour them out.

To abide by the rules of Food and Drug administrations from across the world, Calphalon made sure that its pan stays PFOA free.

Calphalon is the best omelette pan for preparing a gourmet dish as the pans and covers are oven safe, including the long stainless steel brushed handles which have been designed explicitly to not catch the heat while placed on the stovetop.


  • Coating. Includes triple coating of nonstick, out of which 2 are meant to provide resilience, while the third one does the job of easy release.
  • Safety. It is completely safe for up to 450F.
  • Recommended stovetops. Gas, Glass, Electric and Halogen stove stops are the recommended options.
  • Triple layered nonstick PFOA coating.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Oven safe.
  • Bottom part of the pan slivers out.

Having trouble making the perfect frittata? Try Nordic ware Italian frittata pan, this is the best omelette pan for those who are still learning the intricacies of making a frittata.

Since the pan is the two-sided one you will find it easy to cook the egg and the fillings simultaneously, by incorporating both sides of the pan.

For the record, this pan also made it to the list of best omelette pan. Not surprising at all.

Nordic ware omelette pan’s body is Aluminum made thus making it hard-wearing, while the same also ensures equal distribution of heat.

While the inner surface is completely coated with nonstick, which means removing the omelette from the pan would be hassle-free, plus washing it won't be frustrating at all.

Among the omelette pans best rated, Nordic ware truly stands out.

Other aspects that made this one of the best omelette pans include a hinge on the lid compartment, this comes in handy when you are on the second phase of cooking where you use one compartment as a lid for the other side.


  • Dual Compartments. With two compartments present you can use one as a lid over other. So you don’t have to run around the kitchen looking for a lid.
  • Structure. Aluminum body for heat distribution while stainless steel is used in handles to keep them cool while cooking.
  • Hinge design.
  • Nonstick coating.
  • Affordable prize.
  • Too heavy to handle.

Yet another best omelette pan to conclude our list, Norpro nonstick omelette pan deserves a spot in your kitchen.

This pan folds the omelette for you, all you need to do is just flip the pan and the omelette gets folded.

As it has two compartments you can either use them both for separate cooking, or you can use one side as a lid for another.

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Norpro has always aimed to please their customer by fulfilling their demands for the best omelette pan. They did that by innovating with high-grade materials and superior workmanship and have been at the helm since 1973.


  • Structure. Designed unambiguously to keep the handle cool for the duration of cooking, and the dual compartments help in multitasking, also can be used as a lid.
  • Coating. The inner surface is made up of nonstick coating, which makes it easy to remove cooked food from the pan without any trouble.

Note: Hand washing is recommended.

  • Perfect for small dishes.
  • Can cook two different dishes at once.
  • Flipping the contents is not necessary.
  • Needs hand wash.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Omelette Pan.

Shape. The typical shape of an omelette pan is usually oval or round, but it is recommended that you go for the one which has elevated sides that tends to slope faintly to help you flip the omelet.

Size. The diameter of the pan ranges between 8 to 12 inches, now which size to choose that solely depends on your preference.

For instance, if you often make an omelette for one person then 8 or 9 inched pan is more than enough. While a 10/11 inch pan is suitable for two servings, more than that then you should go for the 12 inch one.

If you are looking for the best omelette pan in the long run then I suggest that you go for the 12 inches one as they tend to be the most versatile.

Material. There are a handful of materials like anodized aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and copper.

  • Anodized Aluminum. Much more durable and heavier than the standard aluminum, yet it doesn’t conduct heat very well.
  • Aluminum. Affordable and lightweight which distributes heat quite evenly, the only problem is it’s not scratch resistant, moreover, it tends to break down more easily compared with other materials. 
  • Stainless steel.  Exceptionally robust material for pans is also completely rust-free, but it offers the uneven distribution of heat. 
  • Carbon steel. Lightweight and yet extremely durable material for pans also provides even heat distribution. Just one issue though, since you can’t put it in the dishwasher cleaning it becomes a bit more testing.
  • Copper. Lightweight, a robust and excellent conductor of heat, but it is copper, so it reacts with the acidic aspect of foods and ruins their flavor.

Features.There are a couple of features that require consideration as well.

  • Handle. A long and accurately balanced handle is pretty important because the handle plays a vital role in flipping your omelet. Also, make sure that the handle is made from stainless steel or silicone as these materials keep the handle cool throughout your cooking.
  • Bottom shape. Opt for a flat and thick bottom so that you can use it for both medium and high heat without burning your omelet.
  • Lid. One way to solve the flipping issue is by using a flip-over lid, just close the lid and then turn the whole pan over.
  • Nonstick coating.  You can't really flip the egg if it gets stick to the pan. So always go for a nonstick coated omelette pan. Usually, the best omelette pan always has a nonstick coating on the insides.

Prize. Prize ranges depending upon the size range, for instance.

Ranges in between $15 to $30 for smaller pans, these are either aluminum made or stainless steel.

While $30 to $100 is the typical range for the medium-sized pans, even these pans are either stainless steel or aluminum.

For the large-sized pans, the price ranges between $100 to $160, and they could be made up of stainless steel, cast iron or aluminum.


I hope that based on the discussion which we had above, you now have a sense of understanding of what the best omelette pan tends to be, depending upon your need.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your preferences as everyone has a different set of requirements when it comes to cooking.

Whether it is an omelet, a salad, or a piece of bacon, if you seek reliability and versatility then an omelette pan will undoubtedly satisfy you.

So long as you consider picking a pan from our best omelette pan review that meets your necessities and demands, you will surely be making the right choice.

Therefore, do consider them before you hit the mall or order it online.

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