Well, being a great foodie myself, I can relate to the ear to ear smile every other foodie gets when they hear the word "food"! Be it taking a sneak peek to the delicious smell or thoroughly enjoying the sight of the deliciousness, we foodies ought to enjoy every ounce of every dish!

Though I am a great foodie, I hardly spot myself invading my own kitchen as I think it's time-consuming. So, here I bring you the easiest, tastiest, and the healthiest dish to sparkle the excitement towards cooking. Be the master chef for a day!

Now, this is a question with a zillion scrumptious options available! So, how about having a little know-how from scratch?

Got yourself 10 minutes? Great! Your omelet should be ready within 10 minutes!

Here's how?

How to handle eggs to keep omelets safe?

Beat before heat:

Gather the eggs, a pinch of salt, pepper, and some water in a bowl. Now, start beating them to blend together.

Heat after beat:

In the best omelette pan you have, add in a small quantity of butter and let the butter melt. Once the butter is done melting, pour the prepared mixture carefully.

That's how it's done!

With the help of a spatula, gently jolt down from one side. As you push gently, the uncooked fluid gets some space to be cooked properly.

Now that you are done with one side, it's time to flip for the other side. So, carefully take the omelet on the spatula and flip it on the other side.

Serve hot and enjoy!

Now that you have cracked the code to make your omelet just the way you like it, let's get moving towards:

How to Handle Eggs to Keep Omelets Safe?

Well, you can keep the omelet for a duration of 3-4 days only if you guarantee that you have cooed properly.

To ensure that you have cooked properly, you need to be sure of maintaining cleanliness. Yes, the huge terror hanging around i.e., the bacteria can easily turn your happy days into sad days by turning you sick.

How to handle eggs to keep omelets safe?

Thus, as a safety measure, you need to wash your hands properly once you are done with every step. Right from touching the eggs to whisking them, you need to be aware of sanity. After all, health comes first!

Tips on Handling Eggs for Food Safety:

Tips on handling eggs for food safety:

Hygiene and cleanliness:

  • Well-balanced cleanliness and hygiene can help you stay remarkably healthy in the long run. The food safety begins from storing or using the eggs in a cleanly washed utensil
  • Maintain a healthy relationship with your kitchen and surrounding area. Thus, clean utensils in a hygienic region waive off the problem of the spread of bacteria and other infections related to eggs
  • Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after you complete every step
  • Say NO to cracked eggs

Health and sanitation:

  • Before the package, the eggs we buy are already cleaned and sanitized. Thus, washing randomly in your home can lead to other problems
  • Avoid tasting the uncooked batter as they might result in inviting other issues
  • Always make sure to clean your board before and after the use. Use a mild soap and run in hot water to make sure to protect them from potential danger
  • Make sure the towels you use to clean the kitchen area are cleanly washed. If not, go for using tissues to clean the board and the surface
  • To maintain sanity, make sure your hands are cleanly washed after they come in contact with diapers, pet hair, or other things

Health Benefits of Omelet:

Health benefits of omelet:

Let's land our plane on the main attraction of this content! Yes, preparing an omelet can demand to balance cleanliness and hygiene. But, the gift it gives us in return is "protein" icious!

  • With an abundance of vitamin A, B, D, E, and K gathered in a single omelet, it helps in providing an extra amount of energy
  • As the eggs are a well-known source of proteins, all the gym freaks, bodybuilders, actors, athletes rely on the eggs. Thus, having a dose of proteins in their body every morning!
  • An omelet a day makes you healthy, wealthy, and strong! Feeding your body with a calcium-rich omelet makes your bones stronger
  • Rich in vitamin B-complex, magnesium, phosphorous, and an abundance of other health benefits, omelets help in increasing immunity, mood, and health!

Take Away:

With so many benefits in a single dish, I think one will never mind in having served this deliciousness every day! Make a habit of eating the omelets regularly and thus boosting your energy fuel every day!

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