An espresso machine is a crucial home appliance for satisfying your everyday coffee needs. We seldom ignore taking care and cleaning our home appliances, thinking they do not need assistance. But the espresso machine is something that is used more frequently and, therefore, needs additional care.

Whilst cleaning or maintaining does not seem like a huge task, but it involves a certain method and tricks for cleaning it properly.

You have bought your espresso machine after considering many top rated espresso machines and invested a little of your time and money in it; you don't want to go easy with its cleaning and care.

In coffee shops, cleaning the espresso machine is, of course, a daily task, but it is not the case with the ones in our homes, right?

Having your espresso machine well-maintained is the best thing you can do to do slow down its deterioration and keep it in pristine shape.

How to clean and maintain an espresso machine

Cleaning your espresso daily or when needed not only gives it a deep clean but can also lead to its enhanced lifespan and prevent damage to its internal parts. It also ensures better performance of the machine and improved taste of your coffee.

Cleaning The Espresso Machine The Right Way

Here is the simplest yet effective cleaning guide for your espresso machine.

Make a cleansing solution

Don't worry; we are not asking you to buy expensive products since simple cleaning ingredients can give desired outcomes. Although you can get a cleaning solution of your choice, mixing detergent with water will do the needful.

Depending on the size of your espresso machine, have two liters of water mixed with a spoonful of detergent or a cleansing solution and store the mixture in a container.

Dismantle the espresso machine

Unplug your machine and get the portafilter rid of any of the remaining water or coffee residues. Disassemble all the parts of your machine gently, such as basket, steam wand, portafilter basket, etc.

Soak all of the parts in the cleaning solution you prepared for at least an hour or more if needed.

Scrubbing and cleaning the parts

Take a scrub pad, take the parts out of the cleaning solution, and clean them gently. Scrubbing is done to remove any of the remaining filth in the parts that could not get out when they were soaked in. Once you are done scrubbing, wash them with warm water and keep them aside.

Precautions to take while scrubbing

You cannot choose to go directionless when handling your best budget espresso machine. For instance, the milk wand is quite delicate and tricky to clean because of its thin structure.

To clean the milk wand, take a thin metal stick that fits it properly and clean it without causing damage. Also, constantly wash the stick or put both the stick and the wand under running water while cleaning.

After properly cleaning all the parts, take a towel to clean the water and let them dry off on their own. Wait at least 30 minutes before you begin reassembling the parts of your espresso machine.

Some Maintenance Tips For Enhanced Durability Of Your Espresso Machine

Cleaning the espresso machine at regular intervals is not enough if you want to keep it in its best shape. The regular use of espresso machines makes it susceptible to filth and debris accumulation, and not taking its proper care can result in its disrupted functioning.

To keep the different problems in your machine at bay, here is how you can maintain them.

  • Change the filter of the machine once every month even if you clean it regularly.
  • Clean the milk system every once a week, in case it is separated from the main machine.
  • Troubleshoot the machine if it is not working expectedly or creating problems such as leaks or weird noises.
  • Turn on the group after taking out one shot of coffee in order to avoid the build-up of remnants.
  • Get quality cleaning solutions and get consulted if you have no idea about the best products.
  • Reach out to professional services if you are espresso is leaking, making strange sounds, or is not working efficiently.
  • Keep your espresso machine in a dry place once you are done using it.


Employing the cleaning and maintenance tips maintained here can save you the cost of major expenses for its repair or even replacement.

Cleaning it frequently and giving extra attention to its maintenance is how you can make it last long besides enjoying a better taste of your espresso shot.

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