How to clean bottom of pans

You just enjoyed a good dinner with your family. But, after the delicious dinner, here comes the hour of post-dinner-clean-up. 

You can easily wash off utensils, bowls, and plates, but would it be really easy to clean the burnt mess that could be on the bottom of your pans and pots.

And that burn mess really can ruin the look of your lovely pans. So, here we will share some tips to clean burnt pots and pans outside to look like new?

How to clean burnt pots and pans outside?

If pot burns from outside, it doesn’t exactly affect the meal. But I equally understand, how much annoying it could be to see a burnt pot every day. So, we come with some effective solutions.

  • Cleansing products like bar keepers friend:

At first, wet the bottom of your pot, then apply the cleansing products directly on the pans or pots. Then scrub in the powder until the cleansing detergent covers the entire pan.

Leave it for 10 minutes. Then you can wash it if the pot is not terribly burnt. If it’s too much burnt, still some steps need to be taken. After letting it sit for 10 minutes, scrub the pot with a scouring pad or a steel wool pad.

You can try a glove; if it feels rough for you. However, there is not a specific time how much while you need to do it. You have to try until the burnt mess is gone.

  • Baking soda and Vinegar:

At first, apply the baking soda on the burnt mark. Then, also apply some drops of vinegar on the burnt area.

After this, scrub the pot with a stainless steel scourer. You have to do it with a little pressure. 

clean burnt pots and pans outside

Using a hand glove is optional. Depends on your comfort level. After the burnt marks are gone, wash it.

  • Ketchup:

Cover the burn area with ketchup. Then scrub the pan, and finally wash it. Than your pots and pans look like new.  

Whenever you have the question in your mind, how to clean outside bottom of pots and pans like ceramic cookware, definitely give a try to these solutions. 

Use Katchap To Clean Buttom Of Pans

They are very effective. And hopefully, will solve your problems if you have the best ceramic cookware.

How to wash Nonstick Pan​?

Washing nonstick pan properly definitely expand the lifespan of it. The most important rule to wash nonstick pan is, never use it in the dishwasher. Rather wash the pan with a mild soap plus a soft sponge (nylon sponge is recommended). Then clean it with lukewarm water.

How to wash nonstick Pan

Another important factor of a nonstick pan is, it needs to dry immediately. Never store a wet nonstick ​cookware, it can rust off. Use soft dish rag or paper towel to dry the non-stick pan.

Conclusion Ideas:

Cleaning and washing are part and parcel of cooking. So, it’s very important to do it properly. Hopefully, ​our tips will assist you to clean burnt pots and pans outside and your cooking journey. What is more important, every solution we provided, we tried most of them. So, they are really very much operative. Good luck.

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