Fresh Salmon or not? Leave it on your nose! It’s okay. But, how to clean Salmon fresh fish for the next step? If you don’t have a better idea about it, this post is for you.

If you love to clean your picking fresh Salmon in your kitchen, it is a good idea. However, it is more tricky but also enjoyable when you can know the proper way.

Honestly, some tips and good handling make your job so funny to you. Through this post, I try to give you the best tricks to clean and cut your expensive Salmon before cooking without wasting a single piece.

Oh! Here you will get bonus tips about cooking your Salmon in the oven.

Move on and enjoy your valuable time with Salmon!

How To Clean Salmon Fish & Cook

Before jumping to the main point, there has some preparation. This step will make your next task easy and works for second hand.

What more? Follow steps one by one!

How To Clean Salmon Fish & Cook

Step-1: Things You Need

To clean your whole fresh Salmon, you should gather some essential tools which help you to clean and cut the fish. If you can’t understand the right tools, you won’t complete your task exactly and can be wasted some pieces of fish.

Below has a list of essential gadgets and instruments that you need to clean Salmon efficiently.

  1. A sharp fillet knife: The best set of sharp fillet knives is an ideal kit for cutting Salmon without slaughtering edible meat.
  2. A fish scaler brush: You also need a fish scaler brush to scale the Salmon nicely. If you don’t have a scaler brush, you can use a dull knife as an alternative. It also works better.
  3. Cut-resistant gloves: A pair of gloves can save your hands and fingers from the unwanted accident. You should wear cut-resistant gloves, which also keep your hand clean and help to avoid a bad smell.
  4. Knife Sharpener: Less sharp knives can spoil the meat of Salmon. When you use a knife, keep a knife sharpener beside you so that you sharpen the knife if you think it needs.
  5. Cutting board: When you cut down the spine, it is essential to hold straight the fish to save from losing meat. The cutting board will help you to do it properly.
  6. Bucket: It will help you keep dust and other cutting items that you have to throw away. It also needs to keep your kitchen clean when you are working with Salmon.
  7. Pin bones: It needs to remove the smaller bones from fish. It is also known as tweezers.

Step-2: Clean & Prepare Salmon For Cooking

How To Clean Salmon

Have you had all tools? So, you are ready perfectly to clean your Salmon and prepare it for cooking. Let’s start with the main task!

1. Ready The Fish For Cleaning

If the Salmon is live, it is important to ensure it is dead. And it is the primary step in how to clean Salmon before cooking.

Take a bowl, hit it on the fish’s head, and make sure it’s dead. It is a very easy way to relieve suffering. Now it will be easy to clean it.

2.  Anal Fins Off

We want to begin the clean-up formula by cutting the anal fins off. It makes the task easier and advances the cleaning steps.

The anal fins are got in pairs, and they are found near the bottom end of the Salmon’s body. Place the knife just right behind the fins and cut small. Then run your knife to remove the fins and throw it into the bucket.

3.  Scaling

After removing the fins, scaling becomes much easier. But it is a plus point that salmon scales are extremely easy to remove. Place the scale brush or dull knife at the end of the tail and run it down against the fish’s skin just like you are brushing your head. But do this task gently and carefully. Do this job for both sides of fish similarly.

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4. Remove Guts  

It is a very important part of how to clean salmon content. Remove all guts from Salmon carefully using your hands. Just put the Salmon on its back and fix your knife into the hole you have created while eliminating the anal fins.

Run your knife straightly up to the mouth of the Salmon, which will open the belly of the fish. It lets you pull out all your guts perfectly.

5. Take Out Head And Fins.

It’s right time to cut the rest of the fins off. Then cut the tail and align your knife with the head from gills to cut them off. With both parts out of the way, you can leave with the main edible portion of your fish, which you want to filet shortly.

6.  Start Filleting

After tossing all unwanted parts of Salmon into the bucket, put your fish back to its part. Hold Salmon from its belly flap up and out. Then look for the fish’s spine. Place your knife horizontally right on the spine and cut the meat in a sawing movement.

7.  Remove Small Bone And Skin.

Use pin bones to remove small bones from the filleting Salmon. You can remove skin also if you want. But some people like the skin for getting a crispy texture after frying. Now use clear water to clean your fish slices and cook as your desire.

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Step-3: How To Cook Salmon In A Dutch Oven

Expensive Salmon deserve exclusive cook, which is only possible with the Dutch oven. It is an amazing process to cook Salmon with an appealing tasty. All you have to do is throw a few spices on Salmon and let the magic happen.

There you need only two ingredients:

  • Some oil
  • A few pinch of Sea salt

How to Cook Salmon in a Dutch oven


  1. Take some pieces of Salmon and brush oil on both sides of each piece.
  2. Now spread a few pinches of sea salt over the pieces.
  3. Keep them on the oven tray or pot
  4. Put the pot into the hot oven for 10-minutes
  5. After overtime, your Salmon is ready to serve on your dining table.

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That’s a complete guide on how to clean Salmon and how to cook it with the Dutch oven. We hope you have enjoyed this article and have known more unknown things from here. We hope it is really useful writing for you and get confidence to do this tricky task at home the next day.

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