In this lock down period, we all miss the outing, restaurant hangouts, right? And also it same goes for the coffee lover people. It is true most of us cannot make coffee like the baristas. For the coffee-freak people, I create this post to present a simple guidance on how to use an espresso machine and share all the ins and outs about it.

What Type of Coffee Can You Use in the Espresso Machine?

However, you can use regular coffee but it cannot give the best result. So, it is better to use the whole coffee beans or coffee grounds. Most of the espresso machine can automatically grind the coffee bean.

How To Use An Espresso Machine In 6 Steps

How to Use an Espresso Machine in 6 Steps

Select the best quality coffee is very important for a great coffee. As freshness matters, so you need to choose the prime quality coffee.

Basically, espresso is a generally concentrated coffee drink. Now you will know the approximate caffeine level in the different types of espresso coffee drink.

  • Single Shot -  29-100 mg
  • Double Shot - 58-185 mg
  • Decaf Espresso, Single Shot - 8 mg
  • Decaf Double - 16 mg

However, there are various high budget espresso machines available in the store. If your budget is tight then you can also go for the budget friendly espresso machines. But remember, while buying an espresso machine, you should consider its durability, grinding capacity, frothing capacity, water storage and also the cleaning process.

So, now you will learn how you can use your espresso machine in easy 6 steps.

Things you’ll need:

  • Espresso machine
  • Burr grinder
  • Tamper
  • Espresso beans
  • Scale (optional)
  • Milk thermometer
  • Milk Steamer

Step-by-step instruction on how to use an espresso machine:

Step – 1: Pre-heat your espresso machine

Before you start your work, you need to clean your porta filter. Otherwise it will make your espresso coffee bitter. To make the best use of the espresso machine, you need to pre-heat your espresso machine properly. Sometimes few machines take around 25 minutes. So, pre-heat the espresso machine in advance.

Step – 2: Grind your coffee beans

Measure and grind the coffee beans. Many espresso machines include grinder. So, grind the beans properly. It will help to extract all the flavors in detail.

Step – 3: Place the shot basket

Now you need to the portable filter. Basically, it is filled based on the amount of espresso you need. You can place single or double shot basket. Before filling the shot basket, you need to check – you use the right shot basket or not.

Step – 4: Fill the filter

It’s time to fill the filter with coffee grounds. You can use a spoon to do it. Wipe all the loose coffee with your fingers. Try to use these coffee grounds within a few days as it will give you a strong and flavorful aroma. 

Step – 5: Time to use the tamper

Tamper is used to push the coffee grounds. It will help you to grab all the flavor and taste from coffee ground and ensure a strong taste espresso shot. If you do not know – how to use tamper. It is not that much difficult to use a tamper, you need to press the top portion of the tamper and push it downwards.

Step – 6: Lock the filter

Now push the filter’s head and lock it. After that, put a cup under the faucet. You should remember, you need to take a big cup to contain your coffee. Then you can press brew you coffee by pressing the shot button. Then add sugar and milk according to your preference. Remember, water quality is also very important. So, you should pay extra attention to water quality.

By following these easy six steps, you can easily make a perfect cup of espresso just like a pro.

Maintaining of Your Espresso Machine:

To prolong the lifespan of your espresso machine, you should take proper care of it.

  • You can follow the manual book instruction before you start to use this machine.
  • Try to use the cold and clear water to clean the reservoir.
  • You should clean the espresso machine after every use.

Some Espresso Tips for the Newbies

  • Try to use warm milk before placing the machine. If you are in hurry, then you can put your milk at microwave for 30 seconds.
  • Use freshly blend espresso.
  • Remember, always for a single shot use 1 Tablespoon of coffee and for a double shot you need to use 2 Tablespoons.
Keep Learning to Improve!

If you are an espresso lover, then it is worthy for you to learn how to use an espresso machine, right?

But you should not stop learning, you should explore more to improvise your brewing skills. So keep on practicing, be a pro and enjoy coffee-shop like coffee at home!

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