Most accidents at home happen in the kitchen! Being cut by a knife is only one of them. A kitchen is a place which contains open fires and a lot of flammable materials. It is also busy and has hot things and sharp instruments. An accident may prove to be very costly and even fatal!

Like all workplaces, the kitchen needs to be equipped with comprehensive safety measures to tackle all emergencies. Like all professionals, the cook needs to follow specific guidelines when it comes to safety or protective clothing while cooking. A proper cooking attire would go a long way to prevent accidents in the kitchen.

Here are a set of recommendations that will help you choose your cooking attire-

1.    Protective Gloves

Use Protective Gloves While Cooking

These mitts come in very handy, much easier to use than tongs. Ensure that your gloves are made up of good fire-resistant material. These help to handle and maneuver hot things in the kitchen.

You can even use disposable food-safe gloves to perform messy jobs like kneading the dough. They are clean and hygienic.

2.    Apron

Use Apron When Cooking

Aprons can be worn in a jiffy to gather up loose clothing close to the body. In addition to adding an extra protective layer, they also shield our clothing from hot spills and splashes. They are reusable and must be a feature in every kitchen.

3.    Avoid loose clothing

If not having an apron, which is a sacrilege in itself, avoid loose clothes. They can get tangled and may catch fire. Use tight-fitting cotton clothes with long sleeves. Sequin fabrics and other man-made fabrics will catch fire easily.

4.    Chef’s Hat

Absolutely essential for hygiene purposes. Also keeps in long hair. Human hair is a good germ trap and can be dangerous if it gets into food.

Long hair can get tangled with kitchen implements and even get into what you are cooking!!

Not to speak of the falling hair that invariably ends up in your soup! Tie up your hair and tuck it in a hat or even a hair net will do.

Tie up your hair While Cooking

5.    Long Sleeves

It does wonders protecting your arms and forearms from those scalding spills and splashes. That’s why chefs always wear full sleeves.

6.    Good Shoes

It is often the most neglected part! A busy modern kitchen is often a buzz of activity. The floors are often slick with spills and other slimy things. It is of utmost importance that you wear good footwear to negotiate the kitchen.

A comfortable leather shoe with rubber soles and a stiff upper covering (to protect your feet from things falling on it) would be perfect.

7.    A Bandana

For those who sweat a lot, a bandana or a towel around the neck would help to tackle sweat hygienically. We do not want sweat falling into the food!

The above points, though mentioned in a sequence, are all equally important. It is vital to dress appropriately while cooking. You can have a joyful and worry-free cooking session with the comfort and safety of the right attire.

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